Ian Gray Developments Ltd provide a full service. Building contractors from building planning to building design.

Here is an outline of design and planning process Ian Gray Developments Ltd will follow:

Building Planning

Ian Gray Developments Ltd meet with you to discuss your ideas. We will of course suggest building design building ideas, and of alternative ways of fulfilling your building requirements relying on our expert knowledge to find the best way of matching your brief to your budget. This process will take as long as is required

Building Design

Once we have agreed the building project ideas and scheme, the proper design will take place. This is the process that will involve architects and perhaps structural engineers; this is the process of converting the outline sketches into a full set of construction drawings that are suitable for a builder. Ian Gray Developments Ltd will provide and recommend suitable architects and can take care of the complete process.

Building Implementation

Ian Gray Developments Ltd will agree a time with you to start the building project. Using the specification and design documents at all times any changes that have to occur along the way will be fully agreed by the customer. In addition to the structural works, we also provide electrical and plumbing engineers so the whole project is completed by one team of people, all of whom work with Ian Gray Developments Ltd.

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on providing a first class customer experience.